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Never … Feel… Stuck … Again!


Not sure what you’re meant to do in your life?
Feeling lost and unproductive?
You’re not alone! As a trained Certified Health Coach, I have the tools you need to help you discover your niche and your life’s purpose.

In other words, let me help you find your Personal Legend aka, your
Ikigai: Reason for Being & Waking up every morning!

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Feeling lost, anxious, scared and need an escape and some peace? I’ve got you! Join Me for a Replay of my FREE MEDITATION SESSION – Now Available Watch My FREE Meditation LIVE Replay Now! or go to Stay safe and well everyone. Much Love, Sangeeta xo Stay Tuned for my Brand New Wellness Program – Coming Soon!

Hi, I’m Sangeeta and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I have studied intensively while receiving Honours from one of the best schools in the US and world to become Certified and help bring balance to all areas of your life. These areas include Nutrition, Love & Relationships, Lifestyle, Money Mindset, Spirituality/Higher Calling and Career.

I am truly passionate about coaching Artists all over the world to get in their best shape, on a Mind, Body and Soul level.

Holistic Health Coaching is all natural, with a focus on Mindfulness, Acceptance and Positivity. I will teach you the right way to eat, and what foods are best for you to give you the best energy, so you can focus on what you do best: Create and Perform. I will also teach you powerful and effective breathing techniques on how to deal with nerves and stage fright & Much More! These are all normal aspects of being an Artist, but learning how to handle them are key to your success.

***Please note: I am not a Doctor and I don’t prescribe medications or supplements. Everything I suggest is safe, fun, gentle and effective.***

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Are you an Artist? Do you often feel stuck and lack creativity? Do you want more balance? Would you like to get back into your best shape and finally take control of who you are as an Artist and find your true voice? Do you struggle with Stage Fright and Nerves? Are you curious about some habits that you have picked up and would like to get curious about why they exist and how to forever change them for the better? Welcome to Holistic Health Coaching. This is unlike anything you’ve come across before. See poster below to find out more about my Own Your Inner Rockstar Program

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How Does It Work?
My 90 Day Programs consist of 12 Weeks (3 Months) with face to face, Online or Over the Phone Coaching Sessions scheduled once a week which are 60 minutes long each. I offer a safe, judgement-free zone and you can be coached in the comfort of your own home or office. I am also a Vocal Coach and have been Singing and Performing since my childhood. *** Stay Tuned for my Self Paced Online Program Coming Soon!***

My 14 Day Cleanse Program is Also Available.


Not an Artist? No problem! I also have a Total Transformation Program that could be perfect for you! No fads, no diets, no restrictions. This is Coaching that tackles the issue head on, so we can get to the real you that’s waiting to live their best life! This is Coaching that tackles the issue head on, instead of avoiding it, so we can get to the real you that’s waiting to live their best life!

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More About My Qualifications:

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